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About Us

Green Energy Technologies is an Energy Services Company in Trichy, Tamilnadu, India. Green Energy Technologies has built its strength and expertise in Energy Auditing &Energy Saving Solutions, with extensive experience in providing value enhancement to various Industries and building facilities.Green Energy Technologies' knowledge and application of technologies coupled with maintenance best practices has helped many Industries & building facilities uncovered potentials in reducing energy consumption and prolonged lifespan of equipment. This has brought about significant cost savings to our clients and improvements in comfort satisfaction for building occupants

Our Products

Energy saving Solutions for HVAC/R Systems

HVAC/R Chiller Plants is the single largest consumer of energy in a typical commercial building in tropical climates, accounting 40–60% of the total electricity bill.Our Chiller Plant Energy Management System (CPEMS) is a dedicated control system to optimize the efficiency at which the different elements of the chiller plant operates

Air Conditioners Energy Saver

All Types of existing DX air conditioners are designed for more capacity than the requirement in order to co-ep with different climate conditions. Obviously it consumes excess energy in most of the operating time. Our AC saver is a smart control device that eliminates this excess energy consumption and upgrades by 15-25% the energy efficiency of existing AC systems. Green Energy Technologies is the region’s Distributor of the AC SAVER solution.

Motor Energy Saver

Our Controller utilizes a powerful micro-controller, which continuously monitors motor ‘efficiency’ and Ensures the right amount of power to be used complete the work. Even slight changes in demand will be recognized and the controller will responds immediately by matching the input power exactly as per the load changes – thus saving energy!

Our Services

Energy Audits & Consultancy

An Energy Audit is the first step in understanding how energy(Electricity) is used within a building. This understanding illuminates to cost effectively reduce energy consumption and operating costs as well as improve environmental impact. Green Energy Technologies is a premier provider of energy audits & Energy saving Solutions for the Asian energy efficiency market.

Energy Saving Implementation

Green Energy Technologies implements the full range of energy efficiency solutions, addressing key building systems including HVAC, controls and automation, lighting, and pumps and motors.

Energy saving Project (Finance Solution)

we offer specialized financial tools to offset or eliminate the upfront capital expenditure of investing in energy efficiency. As part of the commitment to our customers, we provide savings guarantees that installed improvements will perform as expected.


Improved Chiller Plant Efficiency by 23% at Citymax Hotel, Dubai

We have received customer appreciation for Improving the Chiller Plant Efficiency in CityMax Hotel, Dubai

Record: Our CEPMS System improved the Chiller Plant Efficiency from 1.23 KW/TR to 0.94 KW/TR resulting 23% Energy Savings

Certification for CPEMS Performance