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Energy Audits & Consultancy

An Energy Audit is the first step in understanding how energy(Electricity) is used within a building. This understanding illuminates to cost effectively reduce energy consumption and operating costs as well as improve environmental impact. Green Energy Technologies is a premier provider of energy audits & Energy saving Solutions for the Asian energy efficiency market.   Read More

Walk-Through Audit (WTA)

A Walk-Through Audit is a high-level diagnosis of a facility's performance in terms of energy consumption. The WTA provides an overview of potential energy savings and the main improvements to achieve them. The WTA analysis consists of several key elements:

  • Estimated building energy consumption & Cooling Demand profile
  • Estimated Energy savings opportunities
  • Preliminary financial valuation related to our proposed solutions.
  • Investment-Grade Audit (IGA)

    An Investment-Grade Audit represents a deeper level of analysis of a facility's energy consumption. Through an IGA, we provide a fully detailed description of the building ++energy consumption & cooling demand profile together with a savings model based on highly accurate metering of all end uses of energy. Elements of the IGA include:

  • 24/7 consumption monitoring, highlighting areas for improvement
  • Detailed technical design of the proposed solutions
  • Detailed financial proposal of solutions, together with in-depth analysis of the solutions' profitability in terms of ROI and simple payback
  • Energy Saving Implementation

    Green Energy Technologies implements full range of energy efficiency solutions, addressing key building systems including HVAC, controls and automation, lighting, and pumps and motors. Our aim is to ensure the successful installation, maintenance, and performance of solutions according to international standards in order to minimize operational and financial risks.   Read More

    Turnkey Implementation

    As an energy management company, we provide the full implementation of our proposed energy efficiency solutions. We believe it is the best way to control the actual achievement of the savings. As part of our engagement, we offer the following services:

  • Full project management including sourcing, integration, and installation and commissioning of solutions
  • Measurement and verification of savings
  • Knowledge transfer and training of clients' technicians
  • Performance guarantees on installed improvements
  • Energy saving Project (Finance Solution)

    We know one of the key barriers to going for an energy efficiency upgrade is the Cost involved. As an Energy Services Company, we offer specialized financial tools to offset or eliminate the upfront capital expenditure of investing in energy efficiency. As part of the commitment to our customers, we provide savings guarantees that installed improvements will perform as expected.   Read More

    Shared Saving

    The Customer then pays a pre-agreed portion of the savings achieved by our system to Green Energy Technologies during a pre-defined length of time. The Customer will not pay any fees on case the system fails to achieve any savings.

    Outright Purchase

    The Customer pays all upfront investment costs. Green Energy Technologies guarantees a specified amount of energy saving for a pre-defined period. Customer will benefit from full amount of savings.